ille platte

After three years of experimental fishing around Ille Platte, Seychelles Yacht Charter has decided to go full-tilt and to order our very own Leecat charter; with an expert plan to embark on many more sensational fishing trips each year.

Ille Platte is one of the Seychelles’ most sought after Islands. Lying 65m South of Mahé Island, this relatively uninhabited locale offers abundant waters to avid fisherman. The island is tiny, at only 1300m long by 600m across, and is surrounded by a large underwater plateau with an average depth of 20m and a steep drop off of 1000m; which provides for some serious offshore fishing!

Having been down to Platte three years in a row, with three different groups and the same professional fishing guide, we know the lay of the land fairly well and are experts in hunting down distinct fish varieties in different tidal states and weather conditions.

Our leading lady, Nkalindau, is a five star accommodation based charter that deploys the smaller Leecat for leisurely fishing trips. By towing a dedicated fishing boat to the island, we now offer perfect high-end accommodation as well as world class fishing.

Accommodating eight guests in four double cabins, all convertible to twin, every member of the group has maximum comfort on board and enjoys five-star cuisine that is prepared with the utmost attention to detail.

The daily fishing movements allow the group extensive time at sea. Our two daily fishing sessions accommodate four guests and a guide on the Leecat and every guest experiences five to six daily hours of offshore fishing. Departure is at sunrise, which is approximately 06H30 each day, and each morning session returns to Nkalindau at 12H30. With a half an hour turn around, the second session departs at 13H00 and will return at sunset which is approximately 18H30.

When not at sea on Leecat, guests may take advantage of Ille Platte’s extensive flats fishing, targeting bonefish and other fly-fishing species, or may utilise one of the onboard fishing kayaks to explore the surrounding reef and target smaller species with dropshot or small surface poppers.

At present, Seychelles Yacht Charter offers the most affordable “Outer Islands” fishing experience available in the Seychelles and caters to anglers of all abilities as well as every style of saltwater fishing available. Our highly experienced fishing guide will ensure that even the most novice angler catches a large dogtooth tuna or sailfish and some have even reeled in the elusive bonefish on the offshore flats.

Our chef caters to every guest’s needs by customising the menu to taste and the outgoing morning group’s breakfast is always taken care of.

Seychelles Yacht Charter offers a true fishing experience, where one can simply concentrate on one’s fishing. Everything else is taken care of by the experienced crew aboard SY Nkalindau: The experts in oceanic holidays.

Each year that we visit Ille Platte with our little Leecat, we improve our catch record.

We know that these numbers will continue to rise.

Some of our proudest catches rank below:

Dogtooth Tuna- Live bait/ Trolling/ Vertical Jigging

Yellow fin Tuna- Surface Poppers/ Trolling

Rainbow Runner- Offshore Fly/ Surface Poppers/ Trolling

GT- Live bait/ Vertical Jigging/ Surface Poppers

Green Job Fish- Drop Shot/ Vertical Jigging/ Trolling/ Surface Poppers

Sailfish- Trolling/ Surface Poppers/ Offshore Fly

Bonefish- Flats Fly Fishing

Join Seychelles Yacht Charter for the experience of a lifetime. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced angler, you will be in for a sublime fishing experience.


A guest testimonial:

 “This has been a trip of a lifetime. Thank you to SYC for this wonderful experience! We have been put on some of the most prolific fishing ground imaginable. My body is now broken and I need a week to recover.  Chef, your cuisine has been out of this world. Rowan, thank you for your knowledge and patience this week. I look forward to coming back for round two!”