Ille Platte


Ti Lyon, meaning ‘Little Lion,’ our 8m sports fishing boat, was custom designed to be towed by our “mother ship,” Nkalindau and explores some of the best fishing spots in the Seychelles outer Islands. She is equipped with state of the art Garmin electronics and accommodates comfortable fishing for up to 4 guests with a Captain/fishing guide.

Fitted with a large number of rod holders, Ti Lyon caters for an arsenal of fishing gear and in a single session, can cater for every style of offshore fishing.

Nkalindau is equipped with 2 top of the range Stealth Fishing Ski’s. These are available for you to engage in some light tackle fishing among the reefs surrounding the catamaran’s safe anchorage, at any time. Together, Nkalindau and Ti Lyon are the perfect team.

The fishing ski’s house 2 light trolling rods each, as well as safety equipment such as life jackets and handheld VHF radios, so that Ti Lyon can remain in touch with Nkalindau while you concentrate on your sport fishing adventure.

Opt for a world class fishing experience and luxury accommodation aboard Nkalindau, and the fully equipped Ti Lyon or our legendary uShaka, which provides the highest quality fishing gear on the market and offers you the ultimate cruising and sports fishing experience. Come target the most sought after game fish in some of the richest waters of the world.

Ti Lyon Specifications:

  • 8m sports fishing boat
  • 2 X 150hp Yamaha Engines
  • 300L fuel capacity
  • Cruising speed of 23knots
  • Full set of the latest Garmin electronics including Garmin Blue Charts. autopilot and 1KW depth sounder/fish finder with 3D imaging.
  • Small cabin with flushing toilet and built in Fridge/freezer
  • Built in Luna tubes for Live bait prep
  • Built in live bait well
  • Fully carpeted deck with all-weather carpet and foam underlay for the most comfortable barefoot fishing experience


Click on each heading block below to view the full list of items.


Rods & Reels
Medium/Heavy Popping Outfit (80lb-130lb) High 1 Shimano Stella 14000 or 18000 with Shimano Kaibutsu, Shimano Ocea, Racepoint 150 or 200, Temple Reef, Black Hole to match
Spinning Outfit (50lb) High 1 Shimano Stella/Twinpower/Sustain 8000/1000 with Shimano Terez, Shimano Trevala, Shimano Ocea to match
Spinning Outfit (20lb-30lb) Med 1 Shimano Stella/Twinpower/Sustain/Stradic 5000 with Shimano Terez, Shimano Trevala to match
Spinning Oufit (15lb) for flats Med 1 Shimano 2500 reel with Shimano Crucial, Clarus, Special Tiger to match
Fly Outfit 9wt Med 1 Bonefish/ Permit
Fly Outfit 12wt Med 1 GT/ Blue water
Heavy Jigging Outfit (80lb-100lb) High 1 Shimano Stella 20000 with Shimano Trevala XXH, Temple Reef X12
Medium/Heavy Jigging Outfit (50lb-80lb) Med* 1 Shimano Stella/Twinpower 8000/10000 with Shimano Trevala MH or H   *- Can use 50lb Spinning outfit


Large Poppers >120g High 5 Cubera 125, 150, 180, Hammerhead D-Cup, G-Cup, Angel Popper, Temple reef Ballista, Halco Roosta Popper etc.
Small poppers <100g Med 3 Williamson Jet Popper 5, Halco Roosta etc.
Large Stickbaits >120g High 5 Angel Rosa, Ulua 120, 150 etc.
Small Stickbaits <100g Med 3 Shimano Orca 160, 190, Rapala Long Cast Shallow Rap etc.
Vertical Jigs 200g-300g High 10 Williamson Benthos 200g, 300g, Zest etc.
Vertical Jigs <150g Med 10 Herring Jig 100g, 150g, Storm Koika 100g, 150g, Zest etc.
Small Lures High 15 Storm Z-Stick, Rapala X-walk, Rapala Maxrap, Storm Seabass Minnow, 1.5oz Plug, 40g casting spoons etc.
Drop Shot Med 5 1/4oz, 1/2oz Jigheads with 3″ and 4″ minnows for flats and inshore
Terminal Tackles
Spare Braid or Spare Spools High Sufix, Powerpro etc.
Leader 200lb – 250lb (Popping) High 1 Sufix, Momoi, Fisherman
Leader 120lb-150lb (Jigging) High 1 Sufix, Double-X
Leader 80lb (For 50lb Outfit) High 1 Sufix, Double-X
Leader 50lb, 30lb, 15lb High 1 Sufix, Double-X
Wire leader Med 1 Malin
Swivels to match outfits High 40 Centro
Split Rings (200lb+) High 15 Decoy, JiggingMaster
Split Rings to match smaller lures High 20 Centro
Trebles (6X-Strong for Popping) 4/0 High 10 VMC 7560 Tropic, Gamakatsu GT Recorder, Owner ST66/ST76
Trebles (6X-Strong for Popping) 5/0 High 10 VMC 7560 Tropic, Gamakatsu GT Recorder, Owner ST66/ST76
Inline Singles for smaller lures High 15 VMC, Decoy etc.
Jigging Assist Hooks 10/0 High 10 VMC, Owner etc.
Jigging Assist Hooks 8/0 High 10 VMC, Owner etc.
Jigging Assist Hooks 5/0 Med 10 VMC, Owner etc.
Live Bait Hooks for live bonnies Med 5 VMC, Owner etc.
Popping Gloves High 2 Shimano, Owner, Smith, Shout etc.
Lure Bag High 1 HPA
Tackle Bag High 1 Columbia
Tackle Storage Box for hooks, swivels etc. High 2 Plano
Splitring Pliers High 1 HPA
Rod Bucket Low 1 Your Choice
Camera and Charger High 1 Your Choice
Mobile Phone and Charger High 1 Your Choice
Polarised Glasses High 2 Costa Del Mar
Sunblock 50+ High 1 Island Tribe
PR Knot Tool & Windproof Lighter High 1 Your Choice
Reel Lube Low 1 Your Choice
Quick Dry Long Sleeve Shirt High 3 Columbia etc.
Quick Dry Shorts High 3 Columbia etc.
T-Shirts High 3 Your Choice
Baggies High 2 Your Choice
Flip Flops High 1 Your Choice
Shoes (wading) High 1 Your Choice
Shoes (Boat) High 1 Your Choice
Rain Jacket High 1 Columbia etc.
Cap/Hat High 2 Your Choice
Buff High 2 Your Choice
Backpack High 1 Columbia etc.
Light Travel Bag High 1 Columbia etc.
Travel Rod Tube High 1 Plano
Toothbrush and Toothpaste High 1 Your Choice
Brush Low 1 Your Choice
Shaving Kit Low 1 Your Choice
Deodorant High 1 Your Choice
Shower Gel/ Shampoo High 1 Your Choice
Rehydrate High 10 Rehydrat etc.
Tissues High 3 Small Pocket packets for cleaning glasses
Very Important
Passport (Check if you need a Seychelles Visa) High 1 Passport must be valid for 6 months and have 2 Free pages
Travel/Medical Insurance High 1 Good insurance in case of Medical Emergency or equipment loss
Cash High 1 $500.00 for Travel and Emergencies (There are Credit Card Facilities on the Yacht)
International Airline Tickets High 1 Book return ticket in advance (Need to show return ticket at Immigration)
Credit Card High 1 Emergencies
Booking Confirmation High 1 Need it for Immigration in Seychelles